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Learnaholic.net is a network of continuing education providers for Massage Therapists, Manual Therapists, PTs, OTs, and Personal Trainers. We’re the group of educators with the background in health education, massage therapy and medicine.
We aimed to bring the continued education for RMTs, PTs, OTs to the new quality level.


17.05.2019 I highly recommend this course. We went into the sauna for 10 mins, took a break and then individually went in to get specific treatment from Kate. The broom is what she called it. (A mixture of oak/birch leaves with mint combined in a broom like shape) were used on our skin to brush and exfoliate. Then we each had a session of more exfoliation with a loofah and soap, combined with a cold water plunge. She warned us about this. It was intense, but invigorating. The last part, we all went in together and enjoyed peppermint essential oil in the moist air. This opened our airways and was amazing for any sinus congestion.

It was $56.50 including HST for this course. Kate and Andrei Kovalevskii were great and highly welcoming. I will definitely be back to enjoy the sauna and a Turkish treatment. If you go in groups of 4-6 for a 90 mins sauna session, it is cheaper and you can enjoy the sauna and take breaks in between.

If you’re a hard working RMT, do yourself a favor and book a session. So very relaxing and relieves lots of hypertonicity. Tammy A.

20.08.2018 Thank you, Andrei. We all enjoyed the Therapeutic Ultrasound course you provided. Kailee Kline,Owner and operator of Healthwinds SPA, Toronto, ON

17.11.2018  Thank you Andrei for this wonderful course.I found it very helpful and I really enjoyed being in your class. Azita


  • 16.05.2019 Inaugural Master Class of European (Russian/Finnish) Steam Sauna hydrotherapy technique and Soap Scrub Turkish Massage at Russian sauna in Windsor was pretty successful.
    The class was provided by Ekaterina Kovalevskaia who is the best Steam Sauna Instructor ever... 
    The next sessions are coming up. You can register by following this link or by phone: (226) 216-0021
  • 17.11.2018 TENS &Therapeutic Ultrasound for RMTs course at Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy in Toronto provided.
  • 15.09.2018 First TENS &Therapeutic Ultrasound for RMTs course at Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy in Toronto provided.
  • 20.08.2018 The Therapeutic Ultrasound for RMTs course provided for 12 listeners of Healthwinds SPA in Toronto, ON
  • 03.12.2017 An agreement has been reached  with Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy to provide Therapeutic Ultrasound & Electrical therapy courses
  • 29.12.2016 Now you can register for the course and pay online. Just go to Register for the course
  • 28.12.2016 We went online and posted first few outlines of our courses.