Emmanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Kaliningard, Russia, B.S. inPsychology
2004 – 2007

Nursing School, Kaliningard, Russia, Degree in Nursing
2001 – 2004

Kate Kovalevskaia, B.S. in Psychology (Russia)

Kate is graduated in nursing and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.

So, she understands well not just a human body functions, but mind as well.

Kate works at Russian Sauna in Windsor. She lives a healthy life style, loves to sing, travel and take regular sauna treatment sessions, what made her a perfect Instructor of our new  "Sauna Hydrotherapy" Master Class*

* Also known as: European (Russian/Finnish) Steam Sauna hydrotherapy technique and Soap Scrub Turkish Massage Master Class.


Everest College (Windsor Campus) Massage Therapy
2012 – 2014
Kaliningrad International Business school, Russia, Marketing
2000 – 2001
Houston Community College, USA, EMT, Emergency Medical Service
1995 – 1996
Kazakh National Medical University, Medical Doctor degree
1988 – 1994

Andrei Kovalevskii, RMT, CH, MD (former USSR)

At the age of 23, Andrei graduated medical school with MD degree in Soviet Union. Then, he moved to USA. He spent three years of work in Houston Emergency Medical System before he returned to Russia to reunite with his family. While he was there, after short practice as a General Practitioner in a municipal clinic he changed his career path and started to work as manager in healthcare at first and as the top manager in various private enterprises after. His political disagreement with regime in Russia forced him to move to Canada with his family in 2011 where he started his new career in the field of alternative medicine as Registered Massage Therapist and Educator. He is owner and operator of his clinic in Windsor, Canada, teaches anatomy, physiology, cell biology, etc. at triOS College (Windsor Campus) and provides various workshops, lectures and seminars for healthcare professionals throughout the country. Andrei is also certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy from The Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis – Ontario Division

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New York College of Health Professions, Massage therapy
2001 – 2002
St. Petersburg State Technical University, Master of Science
1987 – 1992


Since youth, Yuri has been interested in the potential of the human body and mind. After earning a Master’s Degree in electro-technology at the St. Petersburg University (Russia) where he taught classes in his major and lead diploma projects for graduating students. At the same time, he dedicated himself to running. He spent time running across deserts and mountains for national teams, and went on to claim first place at the US National 24 hour race.

He got interested in massage as a natural healing art with a lot of potential; potential which he went on to explore and master. He received training in all of the mainstream modalities, and went on to be voted the best massage therapist in the Hamptons three years in a row. He was featured in magazine articles, and had an array of celebrity clients, while continuing his education and looking for cutting edge techniques. In 2005, he traveled to the London Center for Indian Champissage to become one of the first people in the US certified in the practice of facelift massage. He then went back to get his teaching license in order to share the practice. From 2004 till 2008 Yuri is also explore and master various Healing Energy Arts. Graduated from The Monroe Institute of Applied Science (VA) he studied Matrix Energetics, Yuen Energetics, Demancic Bioenergy Healing and created very effective healing technique using Psycho Kinesis.

Since 2007 Yuri is giving small group private classes in massage techniques. Since 2011 he is teaching in London Center of Champissage International (UK) Natural Facelift massage, Kansa Vatki Foot massage and other unique types of massages. Since January 2012 Yuri is an Instructor of continuing education at Swedish Institute of Health Science (NY, NY). Creator of Natural Face Lift Self-Care Massage and I-Stretch (Integrated Stretch) Yuri focuses heavily on practical results and he is committed to every student being able to apply the methods learned with the best possible results.